Baptêmes de chiens de traineau en Haute Savoie et Evènements nordiques

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Summer activities

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Want to discover the world of sled dogs, Adelaide, Andy and their team, will be happy to welcome you to share their passion around two activities out of snow:





Ideal to introduce children to walking and discover the landscapes of the Mont-Blanc valley. 

A fun and unusual practice, it combines walking and pulling with one of our Nordic dogs. 

Alone or with two dogs, the musher will guide you on the trails near Cordon, Passy and Flaine. Come to live the complicity between the dog and the human during the effort.


  • Adults 40€ 
  • Childs 35€ (6-11ans)

Activities not suitable for pregnant women and children under 6 years old. 

Course of action

  • A presentation of the musher, his dogs and a briefing 
  • An educational walk adapted to the abilities of each person.
  • Breaks for the recovery of the dogs and the hikers.                                  

Useful information

  • 1 hour to 1.5 hours of riding
  • Duration of the activity from 2 to 3 hours according to the rhythm of each.
  • ONLY on reservation
  • You will need a suitable outfit, walking shoes, a backpack with sun protection and a water supply.
  • Specific equipment will be provided by the professional.
  • Schedules : morning




Visit of the kennel



For young and old, ideal to discover the Nordic dog, its needs, its habitat and its way of life (Educational activities with theme).

Awakening and dog education with the puppies of the year

Petting and cuddling guaranteed from the youngest dogs of our pack to the oldest...


Adults:  20€

Childs: 4-11ans 15€

Course of action

  • Discovery of their habitat: enclosure and park 
  • Educational activities around the care of the dogs, dog training, equipment and traction activities...
  • Petting, grooming and photo time
  • Awakening and dog training with the puppies of the year

Useful information

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • ONLY on reservation 
  • An adapted outfit is necessary as well as closed shoes.
  • Schedule: Afternoon



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Other types of services (more info)

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